A satisfied woodland owner


Gayle Muers, who attended ‘Who Wants to Be’ at the Albany Theatre – whose £10 went towards buying a collective woodland – recently visited her woods and got in touch with some lovely photos:

Attached are some photos of a friend and I talking the certificate for a walk in the wood…

When I attended Who wants to be I thought it would just be an evening of entertainment. Whilst the evening was massively entertaining what happened since was so much better. 100 strangers managed to come to an agreement on how to spend a grand in the space of 2 hours.

Emails circulated about how we would actually purchase the woodland. Arriving at the agreement was difficult and a long process but making it happen was difficult on a whole other level.

The woodland deed eventually arrived on my doorstep. After the surealism of the journey to get there, with a tangiable piece of paper in my hands I actually couldnt believe what had happened. The people spoke and the People Speak turned those words into actions. Truely amazing and absolutely outstanding.

I will never forget that I participated.

A green space will be preserved forever. I will never sell my woodland deed.

Thanks for letting us know Gayle! It’s not always easy following up on the requests that are made at Who Wants to Be, and it often takes time – but feedback like yours makes it all worth while!


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  1. Gustavo says:

    yes! Gayle well done. As a fellow woodland steward it is great that you went there. This was not just an abstract theatrical enterprise. It was a step in securing the future for moo our future.

  2. Olisb says:

    I got my certificate and still aim to go one day, it looks grand 🙂
    Thanks All

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