Invitation for unveiling ceremony on Friday, April 13th at 16:30

On behalf of V2_ and The people Speak we invite you for the Celebrating Democracy Unveiling Ceremony at V2_!

Thanks to The People Speak and all participants who were responsible for a remarkable democratic decision on December 1 last year, we will unveil a plaque celebrating democracy and commemorating Test_Lab: Who Wants to Be …? on the facade of V2_ at Friday, April 13, 16:30.

On December 1, 2011 the participants of the game show Who Wants To Be …?, organized by V2_ and The People Speak, decided to spent their collective money on a plaque bearing their names in memory of the evening and in celebration of democracy in general. They also voted for a proposal to solve the problem of V2_’s not very reliable doorbell. Roel and Micha, students of the Willem de Kooning Academy, who came up with the winning proposal, spend the recent months working closely with the best typographers and illustrators. 

The search for different materials and techniques led to a collaboration with the Rotterdam Snijlab. After three months, the plaque is ready! We will organize a small but festive unveiling ceremony on Friday, April 13th 2012 at 16:30. The ceremony will take place on the sidewalk in front of V2_. Have a drink with us this Friday, the door will be open. In case the doorbell in the future fails again you can now find the telephone number of V2_ at the bottom of the new official plaque!

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