Who Wants to Be…?

Who Wants to Be…? is the ask-the audience game show, where the audience asks the questions, comes up with the answers, and sets the rules! Using two visualisation systems, some gameshow glitz and a visual voting system, a large audience can brainstorm, feedback, and generate the most incredible ideas together.

In its simplest form each participant pays an equal contribution which goes into a pot. We stimulate the collective imagination. Through discussion, debate, and ultimately voting, they will decide how to spend the total. Who Wants to Be has helped an audience to decide how to spend £2000, how to renovate a much-loved public park, and a grass roots approach to solve the world’s climate crisis. It’s a fun, accessible recipe for micro-social change.



In the standard format, the first half is about idea generation, and the second narrows down, refines and selects the final idea. To vote, the audience are given a folded card with 3 fluorescent colours.



The host with a microphone presents the show and helps keep the conversation and ideas flowing but it’s up to participants to come up with the ideas and suggestions. Gamble the money. Generator for a village in Zambia. Make a Christmas single. Build the worlds largest crumpet… are just some of the great and fun suggestions we have had.


Using our Heckle system, participants’ suggestions are sent to the screen as words and images to the screen. Using any web enabled device they can post them up themselves. This keeps a visual record of what has been said. The best suggestions get put through to be voted on in the second round.

The best ideas are pitted against one another in the second half of the show in groups of three, with each idea getting a colour (red, green or yellow). Participants hold up a colour to the idea they best like and a camera counts the votes. These votes are calculated and the highest vote is put through to the next round, until it comes down to one final vote.

Watch some highlights of Who Wants to Be in action at The Unicorn Theatre and the Chapelfield of Dreams




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