Coming over to yours!

Informal is the new normal!!

Here at The People Speak we love people. We like to be in the same room as them, imagining and creating a new reality together. The Covid emergency has taken that away from us and we miss it badly. We are striving hard to recreate that feeling in the virtual realm- with some success! These days there are only screens around the Talkaoke table with Rick’s visuals superimposed behind! I really want to see you on the screens around me. I’m reaching out to all you friends and accomplices we have met over the years. Now is the time to get back touch. The advantage of our online sessions is that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Insta or YouTube pages. We are holding regular Talkaoke sessions with a range of different institutions; Rich Mix, Norwood Library, Tommy Flowers Pub, Bethlem Gallery, InSitu arts! You can also take a look at our website or Flickr page to see where we are up to.

We are developing the technology quickly and aspiring to use a multi platform approach where we form the connections between different platforms; phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, Jitsi, carrier pigeon! Watch this space!

Looking forward to seeing you online!

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