Two Day Ars Council Funded New Media Extravaganza

Report: The main question that came up during the daytime sessions, to which nobody seemed to have an adequate answer, was “What is the common thread to all the things happening here?”

The festival was called Demilitarised Zone and at times it felt a bit like a kind of no-man’s land-not much going on except people doing their own things in the distance. What better place to land Talkaoke to stier up some conversation. Maybe I just wasn’t contraversial enough, but it was hard work. Got to know thhe crowd- 85 % new media artists, 10% interested people, 5% walkaed in off the street. Most rewarding of the daytime conversation was the stuff about how we imagine our future to be. I was especially impressed with the immobiliser device for stolen bicycles. But the closing party was great. People started opening their minds and letting their imagination flow. It shows what a few free beers can do.
This was a classic Talkaoke.

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