Essex County Council

In 2007 ‘The People Speak’ were commissioned by the Essex County Council to work with the residents of Craylands and Swan Housing to influence the master planning of the Craylands Estate – now turning into Beechwood Village. The result of two years of events and activities with the local community was Home Sweet Dome, a pop-up inflatable public space. Designed with architects Pentinnen Shoene and the people of the Craylands Estate in Basildon, Home Sweet Dome will provide a focal point for community activities during a long-drawn-out regeneration of the estate.

For images of the first inflation, launch and Craylands Fun Day 2009, 2011 follow the links.

To view a couple of images that the youth club in Basildon came up with click here.

Talkaoke, the mobile talkshow, landed in The Fryerns Estate for Basildon’s ‘International Day’ at Frypa Hall. Saul got the show going and, with the African band playing in the background, the local community sat down to air their views around the table of chat and then came along for a game of football at One Night Grandstand.

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