Instant Visualisations

Laura's visuals from the Women's Network East London Talkaoke 

Instant Visualisations are a regular enhancement to our events is an expert lightning visualiser who creates nearly instant images to capture the current ideas within the conversation. These are displayed on a screen during the event. This provides an often humorous visual representation of the discussion, and stimulates further collective thinking. We have found them to be very useful as a way of giving coherence to the conversation and as a form of feedback. People really feel as if they have been listened to. They also a provide a history of the flow and progression of the conversation. The images can be created through photo editing software or hand drawn.

We first used a live visualiser at our performance of “Who Wants to Be…?” at the Albany Theatre in 2007. The idea was developed with Zsolt Balogh, who has since gone on to make visuals and 3D video installations for a number of productions at The National Theatre, exhibitions at the V&A museum, the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, and most recently was the lead artist for the visuals at the Opening of Hull City of Culture 2017. He still is an active member of The People Speak and enjoys the added creative spontaneity required for our projects!

These days the bulk of our instant visuals are made by Rick. He has learnt from Zsolt to the point where his Wacom pen is even sharper!

Last year we began working with the incredibly visually witty Cat Faulkner who is an illustrator from the old pen and paper school. She has proved to us that you don’t always need the latest technology to respond visually to a conversation!

Some of Rick’s Visuals on Flickr

Some of Zsolt’s Visuals on Flickr

Cat’s Website

Laura's visuals from Destination Bradford Talkaoke

Rick's visuals from Talkaoke at Stratford Shopping Centre

Rick's visuals during Talkaoke: Monarch of the Glen at Scottish National Gallery

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