Norwich Gallery, East 05

We will be at the Norwich Gallery, St Georges Street from 11am – 1pm doing a Talkaoke Worshop looking for hosts.

We will be at the Forum, Millenium Plain, Norwich from 3pm – 5pm doing a Talkaoke special Norwich style.

Topics discussed at the Norwich Gallery:

Setting the scene:
The Talkaoke table was set up in an ally next to the main entrance to the East 05 exhibition at Norwich Gallery. Two groups from Norwich schools Eralham High and Hewitt met around the table. They were introduced to the coordinator Em, the host Mikey and each other. The ways of the table were explained and the discussion got going…
They bought up the issue of school uniform, the pros and cons, self expression through what we wear, identity, bullying, class, chav vs grunge, chav and proud,bullied and proud, who belonged to which group, to conform or not, the round up issue was to put up with discrimination and not to judge a person by their clothes.

Topics discussed at the Forum:

Setting the scene:
The Talkaoke table was set up at the edge of Mezzano’s cafe on a large pedestrian area out side the Millenium build public library. Imagine vast walls of glass and a two floor semi dome like structure opening onto the centre of Norwich shopping area. We landed with the table ina heavy rain downpour, handed out flyers and got talking…
It was not the issues of G8 or the latest news on London hosting the Olympic Bid that was on the minds of the Norwich public but instead a group of teenagers took the table by storm raising the fine cuisine of McDonalds food. They loved it despite the Mc Size me film. In fact the Mc Size me film acted like an advert and made them yurn for the unique chemical buzz of a Mc Burger. Passers by wandered if we were a new advertising initiative by Mc Donalds. The discussion moved onto Walt Disney Coorperation, one contributor had based their latest song lyrics on the Lion King. And apparently the Walt Disney Coorperation ban facial hair at teir places of work. Branding was raised and it was suggested that ‘Make Poverty History’ could be missunderstood as meaning ‘Kill the Poor’. Redistribution of wealth was raised alongside Audio Slayer and Rage against the Machine. Quite supprisingly the round up issue was that everyone should think the same.

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