Who Wants to Be… on Peckham TV?

Peckham TV isn’t a TV channel. It was a huge telly (actually a 10m2 LED screen) that we brought to Peckham Square on Saturday, 21st June 2008, and used to help a large group of Peckham residents and visitors to collaboratively design an advert for Peckham.

We achieved this with a themed game of “Who Wants to Be?“, the ask the audience game show. The goal of the show was to get the audience to collectively design an advert for Peckham by suggesting ideas which were visualised instantly on the giant screen. Then people then voted on their favorite ideas using our computer vision voting system, advised by a panel of experts, chaired by artist Harold Offeh.

I say Peckham, you say… ?

Harold Offeh and The People Speak were commissioned to make a piece of art for Peckham Square. Instead of coming up with our own idea we asked the people. As you can see in this video, they said what needed changing most in the area was people’s perception of Peckham. That’s why we all got together to make an advert.

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