Sci Fi London 5 Saturday Session

Sci Fi London

This was an enjoyable and appealing session of Talkaoke for anyone with an interest in Science Fiction, with Stuart being in the centre of Talkaoke for over 3 hours hours without a break. There were many discussions and debates about the success or failures of different TV series as well as problems with remakes or conversions of old films/comics. Some of the main discussions were what people thought of the new Dr. Who series; the new episodes of Battle Star Galactica; the failure of the new Star Trek series ‘Enterprise’; high street stores being damaged buy low price of products bought over the internet; Box Sets being the way forward for DVDs and companies; remastering original Films with the main emphasis on Star Wars; companies and franchises ruining films in order to make money; Simpsons ruling TV and yet running out of ideas; ruining cartoons/ animations through censoring.

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