Talkaoke at The Mix, Burgess Park

As the summer begins to draw ever closer to autumn, Talkaoke lands in Burgess Park in Southwark for The Mix, a festival organised by the youth for the youth of Southwark. But on a fairly overcast day with rays of sun coming and going the chat remained constant around the table, with conversations on knife crime, gangs, how to raise your children, the apparent repression of the black community, and much much more.

This was a highly involved Talkaoke with at times a missive crowd gathered round all wanting to air their views or at least hear what had to be said.

Click here to watch part – 1

In Part 2 Mikey hands over the reigns to another eager host to have a go in the middle of the table, and a good job she did to. In this part there was also a chance for the pundits to have a discussion with the police about certain issues, as well as continue the discussions in part 1. Mikey took over as host for the final session to wrap up the day and have a quick discussions on family and how to bring up the youth.

Click here to watch part – 2

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