Talkaoke Pendle

Talkaoke's first event with In-Situ. ACE Centre, Nelson

Talkaoke goes North

In-Situ is an artists’ group based in Pendle, Lancashire. They have been exploring the role of young people in cultural decision-making processes. Working in partnership with the local youth forums, they have been developing meaningful and honest dialogues with young people in Pendle.

Talkaoke first came to Pendle as part of a Creative Partnerships project in Pendle Vale School in 2008. It was here that In Situ saw the potential to use Talkaoke as a tool for generating dialogue and ideas.

Talkaoke is just one of the tools they have been using to create a two-way dialogue between adults and young people living in Pendle and ameliorate the limited engagement that currently occurs when young people attend adult-oriented meetings. This has also happened through the use of social media platforms and face to face dialogue.

New talent from Bacup, James host a Talkaoke session



Working in collaboration with The People Speak, In Situ have created a local hub for Talkaoke in Pendle. Check our events page for up to date information on the continuing Talkaoke events in the East Lancashire area as well as the #talkaokependle twitter tag.

Artist Hangout, Pendle


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