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At The People Speak we have always relied on reflected creativity of others to make Talkaokes and our other formats what they truly are. In 2020 we were fortunate enough to collaborate with new artists and creatives who not only participated in our events but also brought their own perspectives, energy and skills into what we do.

In this series of blogs we want to introduce some of the recent members of the team.

A Reflective Account On Talkaoke, 26th of November 2020 by Dele Oladeji

On Thursday 26th of November, 2020, The People Speak! /Talkaoke opened its doors and corner to participants and observers who’ve been following the Talkaoke activities. We had a few minutes of participants welcome greetings, then the floor opened with me speaking out about a play I’m working on. Another observer spoke passionately about a book he’s working on too. The conversation progressed on discussions around books, hope, creativity, the media, social media, politics, information sharing, and progression in modern day societies; the rage of humanity towards change. The anger of 21st Century People towards change.

   The question was asked, ‘What is right and what is wrong?’ Participants spoke sensitively and critically around what is right and what they perceive to be wrong, and how this affects our lives; living in a challenging world. I stated that it all depends on the Mental Capacity of the person. The discussion progressed critically onto the concept of ‘Culture and Identity’ Innovative ideas were shared around the concept of cultural identification, representation and understanding. Cultural diversity was identified as a model for understanding the concept of what is right or what is wrong. The discussions heated up, full of intuitive, critical thoughts, and intense discourse around the issue of what is right, and what is perceived to be wrong.  

Discussions proceeded onto the concept of media and how the media has changed our mode of life; our identity, sharing of information, and how the younger generation were drawn towards social media as part of their day to day activities. The house was on fire, speaking out loud around the subject of media during this passionate discourse, strongly expressing change and evolvement. Information can either break us, or guide us to that fine ultimate place we’d like to be as we live life and progress. This can drastically impact on our Mental Health; the loneliness we face daily, where we belong in society, and what our goals and dreams were as we journey through the concept of information usage, the media, and place in society.

   At the interval of Talkaoke; 26th of November, 2020, there was an interval exercise; music was played, and the use of gestures and items were used (Cuddly Toys/Other Items) to bring in the well needed energy, and thus, move the discourse forward. I particularly enjoyed the music and exercises that took place; I felt these to be an eye opener that took us onto another realm of discussions, and moving the discourse forward; the sharing of our deep thoughts, expressing and reflecting on what the day had being like for us, and what we expect from the discussions; our aspirations. Three separate participants took to centre stage at reasonable intervals. This kept the day fresh and tidy as we traverse through the journey of hope, and how we express and connect with hope in our lives.

The concept of ‘HOPE’ lingered; represented through the voices of speakers. We were truly the individual voices that passionately expressed thoughts, feelings and understanding. These were the feelings that reverberated as we explored and shared ideas. We had to connect somehow with the world we live in; in today’s overwhelmed, confused, oppressed and diverse communities, yearning for political/social progression and change in our different layered capacities, and the worlds before us; the 21st century political propaganda and aspirations.

   Towards the end of the day, there was a reading of a short story by one of the speakers; this brought a creative end to the session. Each participant had the opportunity to say what they felt about the discourse. Finding peace was the anchor that held the session together as we navigated through our feelings, thoughts, our unique voices, and expressions of positivity and change. Finding inner peace was the backdrop to the session’s activities. The discussions came to a gradual end. There were claps! Then the curtain dropped; the so much cherished beautiful day ended on a very positive note. So the expected call for the next ‘The People Speak/Talkaoke’ session awaits us. This is surely the very beginning and not the end to a new dream in our varied, dark, challenging worlds.   

About Dele Oladeji

Dele Oladeji is a British born Poet/Writer based in Tower Hamlets. He has been published by MIND, the WEA and erbacce-press, based in Liverpool. He has also been published in the Big Issue Magazine on numerous occasions. Dele Oladeji recently completed a MA in Creative Writing (Writing the City) at the University of Westminster in London. He completed a B.SC in Archaeology from the University of Ibadan, in Nigeria in 1988. Dele currently lives and works in London.

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