Unlecture takes the standard lecture format and turns it inside out. Instead of an expert talking to an audience with a couple of questions at the end, Unlecture empowers the audience to actively participate and exchange their own expertise. It encourages open discussion and debate between people on specific subjects.

Our facilitators employ different techniques and tools depending on the demands of the participants and how to get the best out of a session. For example: Audiences can break out into different groups to tackle different areas of a subject, people can pitch ideas to a panel of experts, a game-show type atmosphere to allow a fun and competitive show, voting on various areas of a subject to see which is most popular.


Unlecture makes the most of the knowledge and ideas of a smart audience, creates a dynamic recording of the proceedings and can even be streamed live and remote participants invited to get involved in the discussion.



We also use our Heckle system which projects words and images onto a screen of what people are saying in order to keep a timeline record of what is being discussed. Participants with computers and smart phones can also send their own ideas and tweets to the screen.


Some of the organisations who have benefited from the Unlecture format have been Nandos, Tate, UCL, Arts Quest & Creative Edinburgh.

You can watch some highlights of Unlecture in action:  Talkaoke & Unlecture at Think Tank TATE and Manifesto for a Creative Britain.

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