Chew It Up at Frome College

Talkaoke at Chew it Up

Talkaoke arrives back in the west country for Chew It Up, a new media event organised by young people for young people, at Frome College. We decided to set up outside in the College’s amazing amphitheatre but things didn’t go so smoothly and, due to problems with the table and a forgetfulness of mics, we were forced to improvise. But once we had ironed out the problems the chat was as successful as ever and the table was over run with interest. There was even a chance for some of the participants to have their go at hosting the show, including Martin who as always is a legend in the middle.

Click here to watch day one

Talkaoke at Chew it Up, Frome College, Part 2

After the success of yesterdays, Talkaoke returned to Frome College’s amphitheatre for the last day of Chew It Up. Apart from the regular talk of new media, todays session was also a chance for the students of Frome College to have a go on the table and they lapped up the chance. If you don’t know what a ‘Semi’ is then your about to find out.

Click here to watch day two

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