Collaboration with In-Situ and Building Bridges

Rick’s visualisation of the Pendle home from Pendle Under the Hammer

We have been collaborating with in-situ and Building Bridges for 10 years, helping the residents and stakeholders of Pendle Borough envisage a better and more connected borough of the future. As part of this ongoing project we have done a number of residencies, trained new Talkaoke hosts and produced events in the areas overlooked by the famous Pendle Hill: from Walkaoke – Talkaoke on the move, to Pendle Under The Hammer – a series of creative consultations with the residents of Colne, Nelson, Barnoldswick and Brierfield to inform the borough council’s corporate plan.

In-Situ are embedding art into everyday life. Based in Pendle, they work in relationship with people and place through art and creativity. Together they are thinking about alternative futures, connectedness and greater equality.

Building Bridges a charity that aims to improve community relations and community cohesion by raising awareness and understanding amongst people about different cultures; promoting common values; and helping people to develop friendships that cross cultural and community boundaries.


Watch Pendle Under The Hammer here

Visualisations from Digital Talking Sciety part 1 and part 2, which we hosted through the pandemic. 

Watch Walkaoke, as part of Talking Society here.




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