If You’re Watching This – I’m Dead

Death shouldn’t be taboo. We want to find fresh perspectives on the subject, celebrating and re-framing death as both an end and new beginning. Through Talkaoke talkshow-style events and workshops, we want to foster dialogue among young people of different faiths and backgrounds in Tower Hamlets about valuing life and considering the legacy we leave behind. We’ll work with participants to create videos and podcasts based on our conversations. To introduce the topic, we will invite participants to record messages for their loved ones.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of talking about dying, death, and bereavement. It will help young people from Tower Hamlets feel more comfortable discussing. We want to equip the young people in communication tools, facilitation and media skills to have conversations about difficult taboo subjects in imaginative and constructive ways. 

Through dialogue and exchange, project participants will learn how our different cultures, backgrounds, outlooks, religions, and ages all affect how we view death, and how we can draw from these perspectives ways to positively face, cope with and understand death and value our own mortality to create a compassionate and safe community for the young people to grow old in. 

Project creative team are Jess Sammut [sound artist], Christopher Gerhard [visual artist], Batuhan Bintas [artist], Steven Eastwood [film director], Ruby Love and Emily [death doulahs].

Podcast by Jess Sammut, animation by Christopher Gerhard
with young people from Streets of Growth.

Collaboration with Streets of Growth

Streets of Growth is a dynamic charity with a difference when it comes to specialising in outreach and targeted intervention to re-engage young adults aged 15-25. The young people we relentlessly find, or who are attracted to our model of approach are – seriously stuck. Their reasons include, socially isolated, bullied, exploited, underserved, and often caught up in a spiral of hopelessness, violence and criminality. Our hard-earned reputation is for building the safety and trust to truly accompany and equip our young clients over the longer-term to positively transform their life trajectories. It’s not so much what we do, but the way in which we do it that defines our impacts.

If You’re Watching This – I’m Dead is supported by Dying Matters Community Grants programme.


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