Norwich Gallery, East 05

We will be at the Norwich Gallery, St Georges Street from 11am – 1pm doing a Talkaoke Worshop looking for hosts.

We will be at the Forum, Millenium Plain, Norwich from 3pm – 5pm doing a Talkaoke special Norwich style.

Setting the scene:
The Talkaoke table was set up in an ally next to the main entrance to the East 05 exhibition at Norwich Gallery.
The conversational tempo was dramatically different as a result of the bombs that had gone off in London earlier in the morning. Topics that were discussed were terrorism, Blair, war on Iraqu, artworks in the exhibition that focused on war and why it was relevant to aethetisise war. The question of open practices was raised and it was asked whether we werre doing enought ot make participation with the table open enough. We were asked if we werer the media, then free media and independent media was discussed. The recent constelation event at the Tate Modern was bought up and how participation in it was almst embarasing and that people were too ready to talk about issues that were very personal. One of the particiapants around the table was an art student that came up from London to see the exhibition and he could not get back to London because the busses were blocked. He joined us for the rest of the day.

The Talkaoke table was set up at the edge of Mezzano’s cafe on a large pedestrian area out side the Millenium build public library. Imagine vast walls of glass and a two floor semi dome like structure opening onto the centre of Norwich shopping area.
We arrived to the same group of teenagers ready to offer their conversational input and other particiapnts from Paris, Russia and Transilvania joined us. We discussed tom and Jerry, computer games affecting violence on the streets. Terrorism in other cities in Europe, how as residents of the UK we could not participate in the war, what is a morte effective form of protest, it was suggested that not paying taxes could be affective. The poular topic of chavs was raised again and violence on the streets of Norwich in the form of ‘happy slapping’ which was repoted to be very popular amongst chavs. Happy slapping is when some one is recoreded on camera phone by a gang of people who also repeatedly hit their victim. The position of host was taken over by some norwich girls Charife and Rianna. They encouraged discussion on bisexuality and gay men being far more popular then straight.

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