Parade Public Forms of Assembly and Modes of Address, Critical Practice at Chelsea College of Art and Design May 2010

This Talkaoke training session took place at Chelsea College of Art and Design, in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, as part of a project called Critical Practice.


In a spectacular bespoke temporary structure assembled in public, Critical Practice was convening a landmark event, in an amazing location with a host of international contributors.

Through participatory and ‘public’ forms of knowledge production they explored the history of public space and the public sphere, differing cultural perceptions of ‘being in public’, the politics of public assembly, the socialisation implicit in ‘publicness’, the architecture of public knowledge, and much more besides.

You can also help participate in the projects development:

Parade was organised by Critical Practice / Chelsea College of Art and is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute ad part of Polska!Year

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