Pick of the Wick

Pick of the Wick is a music video portrait project in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. We ask the residents of Hackney Wick and Fish Island to create a music video representing the area. We will use conversation, comedy, video and graphic visualisations to tease out and imaginatively represent the key aspects of the band during a series of public consultation sessions around the area, which will take shape of pop up screen tests booths [inspired by Warhols ‘Screen Tests’ series], vox pops interviews and Pick of The Wick Talkaoke talkshow outdoors. For the Talkaoke we will bring a local lyricist/ singer, a musician and a live visualiser to create a sketch of lyrics and sound of the Pick of the Wick anthem, and the look of the hypothetical band.

Following on from the research we did through the Wick Speaks! project in 2020, Pick of the Wick takes music as the element that connects various members of the community. We will use this theme as a framework to explore people’s wider ideas about:

– How do people feel about public spaces in the area?
– How does the community come together?
– People’s emotional response to the place?
– Divisive lines within the area and how to cross them?
– What is the set of values about the area we can all agree on?

Watch the video: Pick of the Wick – Story so far

Listen to the track: Love, Light and Energy by G0n7o feat. Ify Obanye

Check out photos: Pick of the Wick Talkaoke on 1st Aug 2021

Pick of the Wick is supported by the Knowledge Exchange Network, QMUL Network – centre for the creative and cultural economy, Hackney Wick & Fish Island Community Trust and Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Enterprise Zone.


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