Port Eliot Literary Festival

Part 1

In part one, on a scorching hot second day Talkaoke takes cover under it’s new gazebo for another exciting day at the Port Eliot Lit Fest. In Part 1 the children take centre stage around the table, but as the adults pluck up the courage they to join in the conversation. In this session Mikey steps out the centre to let another budding Talkoake host, Martin, to enter the spotlight. Watch out for discussions on Global Warming and how we can stop it, as well a debate on Chavs and Chav culture.

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Part 2

In this second part of Talkaoke, as the sun finishes setting, Martin stays on in the middle before Mikey steps up to take the final session. Again it is hard to escape the current issues of global warming and this proves to be the main thrust of the debate. Through the evening, with the sauce flowing, the conversations can’t help but become funnier and crazier. Sadly precedings were cut short by the rain.

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