Talkaoke at Make Your Mark

Talkaoke goes south of the river to The Unicorn Theatre, Southwark, as part of a Make Your Mark event to give advice to young entrepreneurs and find out what kind of subjects they would like to talk about or discuss at ‘Enterprise Group’, an event happening in November.

The first session was only a short introduction to the day and the discussion was limited but it set things up nicely for the second session.

Click here to watch session 1

The second session was much more jam packed with ideas on becoming an entrepreneur, what skills it takes, what services are our there, how hard it is, etc. You don’t have to be young to be an entrepreneur.

Click her to watch session 2

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  1. Nwauko Ugo says:

    Hi, please can you send me links to the video conversation we all had at Make your Mark. I participated in your interactive session which I find very interesting. We would like to air the video for our students at the University of East London during our event on thursday 17th April 2008. I am the President Entrepreneurs Society UEL. It will even be more pleasant to have you at our event. Contact no. 07942509117

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