Talkaoke @ Barbican Weekender, Natural Circuits

Talkaoke enjoyed two days of engaging discussion at the Barbican Weekender: Natural Circuits. There was always a great mix of people and topics around the table and much to talk about.

Click here to watch the clips from Saturday & Sunday session.

On the Saturday (3rd Nov) we were upstairs on the mezzanine next to the James Bond bar which clearly influenced the starting discussion, but we moved on to more important topics. You can view the Saturday Heckle Cloud of the discussion.

Sunday we had a much more serious discussion (all though we started with some surreal jokes) where we tried to find a new solution to capitalism. View the Sunday Heckle Cloud here.

A slideshow of pictures of the Talkaoke is also viewable on Flickr

For more information on some of the other activities during the Weekender, check the Barbican website.

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