Talkaoke Host training session #1

talkaoke host training #1training part 2

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Since Mikey invented Talkaoke back in 1997, there have been some memorable guest hosts who have spontaneously taken control of the hole and tried their hand as a swivelly chairperson.

To celebrate the construction of Talkaoke Table version 4.0, The People Speak are running the first of many Talkaoke host masterclasses, regular ‘studio sessions’ at our Shoreditch HQ where we’ll be training up the next generation of Talkaoke hosts, and inviting guest performers to bring their own flavour to the doughnut of chat.

You are invited to come and participate – either as a host, or as a stooge, taking the mic and putting the new hosts through their paces. Bring your mouthiest friends and your own agenda.

Training induction starts at 7pm, chat starts at 8 and goes on ’til late.

If you want to do the training – email with your stage name, email, and phone number. If you want to chat – just turn up around 7:30.

  • 17-25 Cremer St.
  • London, E2 8HD
  • 19:00 – 20:00, then chat ’til late

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