Talkaoke & Southwark Council

We’ve recently ran a couple of Talkaoke’s around Southwark, together with Southwark Council, to find out what residents think about the changes in the borough for better and for worse, and what people would like to see in the future. We visited both Elephant & Castle and Surrey Quays shopping centre to find out what peoples views.

Rick was also visualising the conversation live during both events.

We discovered that there is a great community spirit in the borough but that there is a fear this will be lost during the redevelopment. People felt some of the housing and estates needed changing and updating but we worried about being forced out of the borough.

Below are the video playlists from both events

Talkaoke in Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre

24th Nov 2017

Fabio’s photos and Rick’s visuals from Elephant & Castle

Talkaoke in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

2nd Dec 2017

Fabio’s photos and Rick’s visuals from Surrey Quays

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