Talkaoke’s Summer of Chat on South Bank

Talkaoke has been whipping up a storm on the South Bank this summer as part of the National Theatre‘s Watch This Space programme. We’ve moved from inside The Shed to the Queen’s Walk promenade on the South Bank, just by the National Theatre’s buzzing ‘Propstore’ Bar. Every Friday and Saturday we’ve been catching the thoughts of visitors, theatre goers, tourists and Talkaoke regulars about a variety of subjects.

Some of the great topics that have emerged on the table have been:

Should the UK should legalise Cannabis? and thoughts on drugs as a whole.
Fracking: Do economic or energy strategy needs outweigh environmental concerns?
The future of South banks skate park, does the South bank need another coffee shop/restaurant instead.
Religion, sharing your road to Damascus moment or detours/U-turns along the way.
Is there any truth in Astrology?
Education: Should we be following the Finnish model which doesn’t have a curriculum.
Is Michael Gove a force for good or Evil? Is there such a thing as Evil?

You can watch videos and browse through some photos of Talkaoke on our South bank Past Events page.

It’s not too late to catch us on the South bank, Talkaoke will be running on Fri 23rd & Sat 24th August and the following Fri 30th & Sat 31st August.
Times: Fridays – 6pm til 10pm, Saturdays – 3pm til 8pm

To see more of Talkaoke and The People Speak in action, have a look at our Events Page

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