The National Academy of Art, Sofia

Hear what the art students and innocent bystanders of Sofia, Bulgaria had to say.

part of the
Central European Tour

The show was in Bulgarian but from what we gathered some compelling topics arose. According to our bulgarian sources, under discussion were: Killing Journalists, sex (of course), machismo, and the impending world-dominion of bio-engineered robots. It was certainly lively judging from the reaction.

Our Bulgarian host Yourdan did a marvellous job, as did special guest host Boryana Dragoeva.

Event: At the National Academy of Art, Sofia
Date: Wednesday 26 May
Time: 5.45-8pm Eastern European time 4.45-7pm CET, 3.45-6 BST
Venue: The Art School in Sofia
Address: Opposite the university
Entry: Free
Nearest tube:
Webcast Yes

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  1. Theresa says:

    I can´t find the address or Email address of the National Academy of Arts, therefore I wrote now to you:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

    For the third time, the city of Chemnitz honours its big daughter Marianne Brandt with the international Marianne-Brandt-Contest, that concentrates on all young artists of Europe. Like in the years 2001 and 2004 the contest is entitled `Poetry of the Functional´.You can get further information on the Internet page: The competition includes the whole spectre of activities of the Bauhaus-icon: Design of products and photografy. Corporate design for cities and communities declare invitation entries as third category this year.

    The most important aspect of the objects´ design is their functional. At same time, it should have a sensory charm that´s far from a cold aimed rationalism. This `poetry´ is inherent to the object, no arificial decoration or styling at all. We are looking for projects that link innovative ideas with care in the execution and suitability for the practical application. Furthermore, they show concern about a gentle use of resources including non-polluting waste and recycling. Therefore new materials and technologies are wanted.

    In this sense, we ask you for a favour to support this competition by naming one or more contact persons whom we could post our invitations to. We want to be actual and we would be very pleased to obtain as many young kreatives of your country as possible and make them participate. The invitation is going to place in Octobre 2006. The international jury is having a meeting in June 2007. The awards are being handed out in Octobre 2007. The exhibition of the best projects is going to take place from 30th Septembre until 30th Octobre 2007 in the Saxon Museum of Industry in Chemnitz. A catalogue will be published.

    Yours sincerely
    Th. Gurle

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