The People Speak People! – Laura

Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

“Living in the present” 

Laura Kaminska is a 2019 Camberwell College of Arts graduate from BA graphic design. As a visual creator, she works with photography, illustration, moving image and design in any shape or form. Laura’s work is a sensual and personal visualisation of the current world’s issues. It aims to invite the receiver for reflection and further self-exploration of the subject.

After 3-years of working, studying and living in Peckham, Laura recently moved to north-east London, where through visual storytelling, she explores subjects important for local communities. In October 2020 she joined The People Speak as a trainee visualiser for online events such as Aberfeldy Live! Talkaoke and Tree of Success game show.

‘Since my collaboration with The People Speak has started, I became more involved with the local community. Through multiple events on zoom, I was able to meet incredible, inspiring people from a variety of backgrounds in east London. For me, it is unspeakably crucial to be able to connect with people, to be able to talk through current situations, gain perspective and understand different mindsets. It helps me grow, both, as a person and as a creator. During the events, I was using my illustration skills to visualise the conversation between the people. In a mind-map kind of form, I tried to track the journey through multiple topics and show how unpredictable and inspiring a simple conversation between a few people can be.

In 2021, I hope to take everything I have learned so far, over the year 2020, about living in the present, being kind to yourself and others, letting go of things I have no impact on, etc., and make it into a long-lasting foundation for a new, surprising chapter in life. 

What’s to come? Nobody knows. No expectations but high hopes. 🙂 ‘

Visit Laura’s website and follow her on Instagram @littlefirestorm

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