The Science Museum, London

Starting in 2008, the Science Museum was looking for a dynamic way to engage museum goers in a deeper conversation on the relevance of science. The People Speak conducted a series of Talkaoke events in the Dana Centre and Antenna for the general public and provided Talkaoke Host Training sessions for Science Museum staff, scientists and engineers.

In 2011, we designed, built and installed a bespoke Talkaoke table at the Science Museum. This table has been incorporated into the monthly Science Museum Lates programme. In addition, the use of the Talkaoke Table and its conversation method has changed the paradigm for communicating science.

“Talkaoke is going from strength to strength at the Science Museum. It’s brought visitors of all ages together to talk about science they way they want to. It’s resulted in some of the most open and democratic live events we’ve run.”

Alex Fairhead, Contemporary Science Content Developer, The Science Museum, London

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