100 years of Hainault Forest

Hainault Forest Country Park

This event celebrates the centenary of Hainault Forest being saved from the developers. Now a successful country park Talkaoke started up on a glorious summers, but mainly quiet, day with some fun discussions as well as a group of boys with some issues on their mind. Watch out for the occasional passing train, next stop Talkaoke.

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7 Responses to “100 years of Hainault Forest”

  1. AbY !!x says:

    Wow !!…I Went To Thiss It Was Well Goodd !! I Wanna Do It Again !!! Do Ya Remember Us ?? ..Aby Ellie Jodie.. We Rule !!x x x x

  2. mikey says:

    Hi you lot.

    Really glad you enjoyed yourselves around the table of chat! Of course we remember you, and we’d love you to come do talkaoke again. How about you sign up to our mailing list: http://lists.theps.net/mailman/listinfo/talkaoke-announce.

    See you soon!

  3. JoDiE !!x!! says:

    Hayyy x Its Jodie If u remember me!
    We didnt stop talking
    You Thing Was Well Good !
    U Shud join The Bitch Circle !!
    Bye x ! Jodie Ellie And Aby !!

  4. mikey says:

    Hi Jodie,

    Really glad you liked it :).

    How do we join The Bitch Circle then?

  5. JoDiE !!x!! says:

    well , You Cud make up 1 of ya own !
    ask aby xx

  6. AbY !! says:

    Wenn Are You Putin The Video On Here I Well Wanna See It !! And The Bitch Circle Is De Best !!x

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