Port Eliot Lit Fest

It’s that time of year again when Talkaoke ventures back to the South West for the ‘Port Eliot Lit Fest’. Through Biblical weather conditions The People Speak team traveled across the south of England, and after 9 1/2 hours driving Talkaoke was ready to begin the chat once more in Cornwall. Our young talented new host Martin, who was here last year, yet again made an appearance in the centre. Day 1 was enjoyable session if not a little cold. ‘Cornish pasties, sex and what age can you have an opinion’ were just a few of the topics discussed.

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After the success of Day 1, Talkaoke sets up outside the grand manor house for another exciting day of chat. And again Talkaoke was a popular as ever with a couple of people, including the ever impressive Martin, having a go in the centre.

A Warning for Day 2, Part 3, this contain strong language and some extreme views. The People Speak does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this video but feel it is important that everyone’s opinion is heard, no matter how disagreeable it may seem.

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On the final day of the Literary Festival on the lovely grounds of Port Eliot’s Manor House, Talkaoke sets up for one final time for 2007. Although a shorter session then the last two days Talkaoke was still over run by youth with chat as interesting as ever. Do you have to have good hair if your a famous musician and what about the influence of drugs and alcohol are just some of the topics talked about.

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