Talkaoke at Surfstock 2007

For the second time this year Talkaoke visits the lovely county of Cornwall for Surfstock 2007, which is a surfing festival set in 15 acres of private gardens and beautiful shore lines. Talkoake was just one of the many events taking place and although slow starting it became more and more popular as the night wore on with some enthusiasts having there go in the middle of the table of chat, including Talkaoke’s up and coming star Martin.
Click here to watch part 1

At this point the Talkaoke table was taking a severe battering from drink spillages, and the mixer was having trouble coping.
Click here to watch part 2

As the night wore on the conversation began to get a little more crazy and near the end almost overrun. Sadly it was cut shorter then had hoped as the table took one drink spillage too many of which the mixer couldn’t recover.
Click here to watch part 3

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