25 March 2006 SCAN at the Idea Store Poplar

Talkaoke at the Idea Store

The first day of Talkaoke’s visit to the Idea Store, Chrisp Street in Poplar, in association with SCAN.FM. Here Talkaoke was linked via audio connection to another device called Peace Pod which encourages public discussion. For more information please visit scan.fm. Today’s event also featured a brief appearance from Eastenders star Joseph Kpobie. After a slow start things began to take off with conversations on the impending Mothers Day as well as the idea of cooperate branding. With a collection of young people around the table the discussions become centered on problems with education, drugs in the community and young people in the Bow and Poplar area being discriminated against. This led to the idea of whether or not we are living in a nanny state and being watched by CCTV 24/7. A serious discussion on the problems of gang violence drew the session to close.

Click here to view the Saturday session

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