26 March 2006 SCAN at the Idea Store Poplar

Talkaoke at the Idea Store in Poplar

Talkaoke returns for the second day of Scan.fm at the Idea Store, Chrisp Street. After the excitment of yesterday, today seems a much more relaxing atmosphere probably due to it being a Sunday and Mother’s Day. Still though there are some great disscussions especially one about Mother’s Day and another on the being a Muslim in England. Mikey also lets some other have a go in the middle, which is enjoyable even if they don’t quite grab the concept.

Click here to view the Sunday session

2 Responses to “26 March 2006 SCAN at the Idea Store Poplar”

  1. Jon says:

    Got any more details than this, really miss talkoeke


  2. mikey says:

    what kind of details are you after Jon? You mean from the IDEA store in poplar? Check the SCAN website at http://scan.fm for more info!



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