Who Wants to Be – Birmingham?

Birmingham Takes Over Birmingham

Responding to Birmingham City of Culture 2013 – The Big Conversation

(in partnership with Birmingham Hippodrome and Fierce)

The Patrick Centre
POSTPONED! sorry for any inconvenience!

(No concessions available, no booking fees apply) call 0844 338 5000Who Wants to Be…? is a spontaneous, democratic, live theatrical experience where the public really do take control. People propose ideas, discuss, and then vote on how to spend the entire evening’s box-office takings: Donate it? Invest it? Gamble it? Waste it? Form a collective and make the best idea happen yourself? You, the audience, decide.

Who Wants to Be…? gives people an insight into the possibilities of their collective imagination. This special-edition is inspired by Birmingham’s bid to be named City of Culture in 2013, provoking a lively debate around people’s ideas of culture in the city.

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